The International Casual Furnishings Association has put together a sales training program to help improve the skills and professionalism for its members and the casual furnishings industry. The program consists of three (3) training DVDs and three (3) tests. Upon successful completion of the three (3) tests the student will be awarded a certificate and pin.

The course is available to both members of ICFA as well as non-members. Non-members may wish to join ICFA to take advantage of the member pricing as well as all the other ICFA member benefits. Feel free to view a sample excerpt of one of the training videos here.

The process is simple: set up an account, purchase the materials, view the DVDs, and take the tests. Rhonda Craven at ICFA will be available to assist you with all your questions. She will mail you the DVDs and send you your certificate and pin when you complete the course. Good Luck and Happy Learning!

  • Three levels Basic, Advanced and Master
  • Lead by sales trainer, Greg Welsh with the Welsh Sales Group
  • Each Sales Team Member who desires to receive a certificate must view each of the three (3) DVDs and successfully complete an online test for each level to complete the program.
  • Tests will consist of twenty (20) multiple choice or true/false questions.
  • Upon successful completion, the sales team member will receive a pin and certificate from the ICFA.
  • ICFA Members - Individual DVDs - $99
  • Advanced & Master Level DVD Package - $198
  • Basic, Advanced & Master DVD Package - $297
  • Non-Members - Individual DVDs - $795
  • On-Line Tests - $15 for each level ICFA Members
Level I Basic Topics Include: Level II Advanced Topics Include: Level III Master Topics Include:

Professional Behavior

Team Behavior

Sales Performance

Basics of Customer Service

Strategies to Maximize Performance

Four Steps to a Sale

Managing Our Attitude and Planning for Future Success

Setting Goals, Objectives and Initiatives

Handling Difficult Opening Scenarios

Sales Techniques for Telephone and Internet

Identifying Common Shopping Profiles

Advanced Technique for Building Value

Handling Complex Objections

Creating Customer Opportunities from Alternative Sources

Reading and Responding to Consumer Body Language

Narrative Selling and Adding On to the Sales

Price Resistance and Price Negotiation

The Science of Customer Follow-Up

How to Stay Mentally Healthy as a Sales Professional

To order DVDs or sign up for any of the tests in the table above, click on the OPTIONS tab. OPTIONS LOGIN
After signing up for a test, you will receive a license number. Please click LOGIN to register
and begin the test.

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