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Growing Sales through World Class Customer Service
- September 29, 2015

How to have outstanding customer service.
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Everything You Wanted to Know About the ICFA Retail Benchmarking Survey and Were Afraid to Ask
- March 12, 2015

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Prop 65 for Outdoor Furnishings
- January 21, 2015

An overview of Prop 65 warning requirements especially for ICFA members.
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Color, Design and Market Trends in Residential Outdoor Products
- August 7, 2014

Gain knowledge on coordination of color palettes, design and style boards.
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The Masters of Legendary Service!
- May 7, 2014

Learn the techniques the salesperson utilizes to give the customer a pleasant experience.
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Creating Positive Cashflow with an
"Open to Buy"

- April 16, 2014

Principles of proper inventory control and how to apply these to an existing point of sales system.
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The Magic 8's of Selling
- March 25, 2014

Learn eight ways to identify the types of customers and eight ways to close the sale.
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Understanding Transportion: Part 11 - Claims & Freight Liabilities/Responsibilities
- February 5, 2014

How carriers handle claims, both overcharge and damage, and your company's freight liabilities and responsibilities.
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Understanding Transportion: Rate Making & Rate Negotiation
- January 16, 2014

How carriers determine domestic freight costs and how you can maximize efficiencies for your company and reduce your costs!
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Your Customer Doesn't Live Here, Anymore
- December 10, 2013

Learn the tools necessary for developing the customers that are most profitable to your business.
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21 Marketing Actions You Can Take Today to Sell More Tomorrow
- October 16, 2013

This high-impact, fast-paced session will give you 21 things you can do for more leads and sales right away. Learn more

Social Media Marketing: 9 Steps to Creating a Profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy
- August 14, 2013

Discover how to make sales and drive business objectives using social media. Learn more

How to Use Technology to Build Your Own Personal Referral Network
- May 9, 2013

Learn techniques and strategies using technology.
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How to Close the Sale and Proper Words to Increase Your Chances
- April 11, 2013

Covers the popular topic of Closing the Sale.
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How to Handle Price Shock, Plus How to Set Yourself Up for Be Back Customers
- March 7, 2013

Customers' response to high prices and techniques for sales follow-up.
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Making the Most of the ICFA Sales Training Certificate Program - February 15, 2013

Focus on building and developing productive sales teams in your organization.
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Sales Tips - February 14, 2013

How to best describe and differentiate your products and how to make price negotiating customers happy.
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Black Ink: Cashflow Management Secrets Your Accountant Never Shared -
February 6, 2013

Participants are able to project their future cash and inventory needs.
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What Customers Really Want from Sellers - January 22, 2013

What do customers really want from us? Making fulfilling and profitable goals.
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Driving Overall Sales With Financing - January 15, 2013

Learn how offering financing to your customers will drive your overall sales.
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How to Recruit, Interview, Hire and Train Your Next Sales Star! - November 15, 2012

Recruiting, hiring and training your next sales star is not an art, it is a science.
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11 Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Casual Furnishings Retailers
- October 9, 2012

The 11 most common marketing mistakes made by casual furnishings companies. Learn more

Handling Personal Disputes and Disciplinary Situations - September 6, 2012

Series of strategies for handling disputes and disciplinary issues.
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How Facebook Can Increase Traffic and Sales/Introduction to Pinterest
- August 2, 2012

This comprehensive webinar provides a thorough overview of how to profitably generate sales and traffic using Facebook, with an introduction to Pinterest. Learn more

Keeping the Sales Team Focused - Management Communication Tips
- June 13, 2012

Discover how to efficiently and effectively communicate regularly with each sales team member to maximize their performance.
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Day to Day Sales Management Tips and Sales Coaching - May 30, 2012

Focus on building and developing productive sales teams in your organization.
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How to Motivate Your Sales Team with Productive Sales Meetings and Exciting Contests - May 3, 2012

How to have a terrific meeting and design exciting contests every time.
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7 Step Action Plan to Increase Dealer Sales in 2012 - February 9, 2012

Are you satisfied that you’re getting the maximum sales from your dealer network? Do you find it more and more challenging to increase channel partner sales? Learn more

How Casual Furniture Retailers Can Increase Sales and Profits with Facebook and Social Media - January 24, 2012

Can casual furniture retailers actually make money using social media? Learn more

Sales Strategies for Today's
Casual Furnishings Retailer

November 9, 2011

The latest sales strategies for casual furnishings retailers to succeed in today's market by Greg Welsh with Welsh Sales Group. Learn more

Understanding Transportation
on the Macro Level
- June 15, 2011

A broad range of transportation and logistics topics are discussed by Pat Smith with Watkins & Shepard Trucking. Learn more

Capturing Your Share of
Shoppers' Urge to Splurge
- April 26, 2011

Katherine Juckett, CEO of Telescope Casual Furniture, shares the results of a national survey on consumer attitudes and spending.
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Designing An Outdoor Living Room
Using Google SketchUp
- July 27, 2010

Paul Nigon provides direction on using Google SketchUp to help your customers. Learn more

How to Market Your Store
Online Opportunities
- February 23, 2010

Whether you sell online or just want to use the Web to drive customers to your store, learn best practices from Penny Schneck with Casual Living magazine. Learn more

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