The “Tony Robbins of Tech,” Erik Qualman Compels Digital Leadership at ICFA Educational Conference

February 05, 2019
HIGH POINT – “You aren’t selling outdoor home furnishings, you’re helping people live their best lives in a natural environment,” said Erik Qualman, Keynote Speaker at the ICFA 2019 Educational Conference in San Antonio, TX, on Wednesday morning, February 6. Internationally recognized author, futurist, and consultant to business leaders like Sony, IBM and Disney, Qualman’s perspective on digital leadership will inspire, energize and provide practical advice for success in a rapidly changing global market.
Erik Qualman

Voted the “World’s Second Most Likeable Author,” after J.K. Rowling, “Equalman” brings humor, insight and irrepressible vigor to his highly educational and universally lauded presentations which will focus on finding our superpowers, determining differentiators, monitoring digital shadows and learning how to transform word of mouth into world of mouth. “Digital leaders understand that digital transformation isn’t about replacing face-to-face. You can’t replace face-to-face. These digital tools are designed to help when time and distance are an issue. If In short, we are living in a Jetsons era, but it’s those that act like the Jetsons and the Flintstones that are winning and will continue to win. Technology changes every second, but human nature never does,” he said.

As the “Digital Dale Carnegie,” Qualman challenges his audiences to be disruptors. “Pioneers get pushback. This pushback is frustrating. What pioneers and disruptors understand better than most is that you must be ready to fail to succeed, but you need to fail fast, forward, and better. Your ‘Not to Do’ list should be ten times longer than your to do list, and you need to focus on action and attitude,” he said.

Best known for his #1 bestselling books including “Socialnomics,” Digital Leader,” and “What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube,” Qualman is a global influencer who has performed in over 50 countries and reached over 30 million people. As an in-demand motivational speaker, Qualman provides guidance on leveraging the power of digital. For those who think their business education is complete after reading “Seven Habits of Successful People,” ‘Good to Great,” or “Tipping Point,” he cautioned, “Those are great books for business leaders, but they were all written before YouTube, the iPhone and Facebook.”

“You want to be a year ahead of your competition, but never a year ahead of your market,” said Qualman. “You don’t have to be the tip of the spear. Focus on what you do best. A perfect example is a children’s furniture company that received feedback from a customer that the wood on a table top was scarred by a pencil. Their proactive response wasn’t to replace that table; they replaced all the tables with the too soft tops. Can you imagine the positive online reviews that action evoked? That’s digital leadership!”

He will be signing copies of his best seller “What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube,” being distributed to all attendees.