Retail Sales Training

Back by popular demand

ICFA’s concentrated retail sales training program is specifically designed for associates of all levels selling outdoor furnishings. The 24-lesson plan will provide a framework for sales associates to successfully engage with shoppers and confidently guide them in selecting the best products for their needs. Even the most seasoned associate can improve their sales techniques by taking this course as a refresher.


The customized course is being taught by Bob Phibbs, aka The Retail Doc and creator of SalesRX. He is a business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor and author of three books. With over 30 years of experience beginning in the trenches of retail andextending to senior management positions, Bob has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur. He has worked with 1,000+ retail executives and entrepreneurs to grow margins, improve customer service and train employees.

In this latest program offering, Bob traveled to an outdoor furnishings specialty store to add realistic videos to the lesson modules.


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The accelerated ICFA program begins with each store identifying a Store Champion who serves as the key contact and lead for training at their company. Each Store Champion monitors staff progress and learns how to engage the associates in reviewing key learning strategies. The Champion devotes 15 minutes per day for one month and Associates study a minimum of two 15-minute modules per week for 12 weeks. A quiz on the information of each module follows each instruction. Each participant receives a certificate that recognizes completion of the program.

This highly engaging, industry specific training program is available to all retailers. Each participant will receive 24 lessons, and can individually manage their advancement through the online curriculum.

ICFA Members – $50

Non-Members – $400